The MA-10 cells are a clonal strain of mouse Leydig tumor cells that have receptors for human choriogonadotropin (hCG) and mouse epidermal growth factor (mEGF). Exposure of the cells to hCG results in a reduction in the number of surface hCG receptors, and little or no change in the number of surface mEGF receptors. On the other hand, exposure of the cells to mEGF results in a reduction in the number of both surface mEGF receptors and surface hCG receptors. In order to study these phenomena, we assumed that the number of surface receptors is determined by the rate at which receptors appear at the surface and by the rate of receptor internalization. When these rates were measured, we found that hCG and mEGF reduce their respective surface receptors by increasing the rate of receptor internalization, and that mEGF reduces the surface hCG receptors by decreasing the rate of appearance of the receptor.

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