Hybrid myeloma cell lines secreting monoclonal antibodies to tubulin have been prepared using rat myelomas and spleen cells from rats immunized with yeast tubulin. A comparison between the results obtained with the rat myeloma Y3-Ag 1.2.3., which secretes a light chain, and a new line, YB2/O, which does not, shows that they are both excellent parental lines and that the second produces hybrids with no myeloma chain components. The antitubulin antibodies in the serum of rats bearing two of the hybrid myeloma tumors gave titers of up to 1:10(6) from which large amounts of monoclonal antibodies could be easily purified. They recognized tubulin from yeast as well as from birds and mammals. The two antibodies gave clear immunofluorescent staining of yeast mitotic spindles as well as the interphase microtubule network of tissue culture cells. Some difference in the pattern of immunofluorescence staining of yeast cells and nuclei was observed between the two antibodies. The purified antibodies could be conjugated to colloidal gold particles and used for direct labeling of yeast microtubules for electron microscopy.

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