In addition to the previously studied pf-14 and pf-1 loci in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, mutations for another five genes (pf-17, pf-24, pf-25, pf-26, and pf-27) have been identified and characterized as specifically affecting the assembly and function of the flagellar radial spokes. Mutants for each of the newly identified loci show selective alterations for one or more of the 17 polypeptides in the molecular weight range of 20,000-130,000 which form the radial spoke structure. In specific instances the molecular defect has been correlated with altered radial spoke morphology. Biochemical analysis of in vivo complementation in mutant X wild-type dikaryons has provided indirect evidence that mutations for four of the five new loci (pf-17, pf-24, pf-25, and pf-26) reside in structural genes for spoke components. In the case of pf-24, the identity of the mutant gene product was supported by analysis of induced intragenic revertants. In contrast to the other radial spoke mutants thus far investigated, evidence suggests that the gene product in pf-27 is extrinsic to the radial spokes and is required for the specific in vivo phosphorylation of spoke polypeptides.

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