Nonhistone protein BA has been shown to decrease in amount in the chromatin of growth- stimulated normal rat liver (Yeoman et al. 1975. Cancer Res. 35:1249-1255) and in mitogen-stimulated normal human lymphocytes (Yeoman et al. 1976. Exp. Cell Res. 100:47- 55.). Subsequently, protein BA was purified and was shown to prefer to bind to double- stranded A-T-rich DNAs (Catino et al. 1978. Biochemistry. 17:983-987.).

Immunization of rabbits with highly purified protein BA has resulted in the production of a specific antibody. A specific immunoreactivity for chromosomal protein BA has been demonstrated by immunoelectrophoresis and double antibody immunoprecipitation analysis with rabbit anti-BA immunoglobulin and IgG fractions.

Light microscope examination of normal rat liver crysections by the indirect immunofluorescence procedure has demonstrated a cytoplasmic as well as a nuclear localization for protein BA with a pronounced perinucleolar fluorescence. Immunoelectron microscopy employing the peroxidase antiperoxidase method of antigen localization has confirmed the immunofluorescence data and has show a heterochromatin localization for protein BA. The relationship of the localization of protein BA to gene control in quiescent cells or to configurations of heterochromatin as well as the marked reduction in the amounts of protein BA which occur in stimulated growth states remains to be defined.

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