The organization of actin in mouse neuroblastoma and chicken dorsal root ganglion (DRG) nerve cells was investigated by means of a variety of electron microscope techniques. Microspikes of neuroblastoma cells contained bundles of 7- to 8-nm actin filaments which originated in the interior of the neurite. In the presence of high concentrations of Mg++ ion, filaments in these bundles became highly ordered to form paracrystals. Actin filaments, but not bundles, were observed in growth cones of DRG cells. Actin was localized in the cell body, neurites, and microspikes of both DRG and neuroblastoma nerve cells by fluorescein-labeled S1. Myosin was localized primarily in the neurites of chick DRG nerve cells with fluorescein-labeled anti-brain myosin antibody. This antibody also stained stress fibers in fibroblasts and myoblasts but did not stain muscle myofibrils.

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