The fine structure of mitochondria and mitochondrial nucleoids in exponentially growing Physarum polycephalum was studied at various periods throughout the mitochondrial division cycle by light and electron microscopy. The mitochondrial nucleoid elongates lingitudinally while the mitochondrion increases in size. When the nucleoid reaches a length of approximately 1.5 mum the mitochondrial membrane invaginates at the center of the mitochondrion and separates the mitochondrial contents. However, the nucleoid does not divide even when the mitochondrial sections are connected by a very narrow bridge. Just before division of the mitochondrion, the nucleoid divides by constriction of the limiting membrane of the dividing mitochondrion. After division, one end of the nucleoid appears to be associated with the inner mitochondrial membrane. The nucleoid then again becomes situated in the center of the mitochondrion before repeating these same processes.

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