Approximately 90% of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplast and cytoplasmic rRNAs was transcribed in the nuclear G1 phase, which occurred during the light period under an alternating light-dark synchronization regime of 12 h each. The remaining 10% of chloroplast and cytoplasmic rRNAs was transcribed from its respective DNAs in the dark period, in the midst of an apparent turnover of a transcription appeared to be prokaryotic in sophistication. The transcription was not interrupted during chloroplast DNA synthesis which occurred during the light period. However, transcription of the nuclear DNA was repressed severely during the nuclear S phase in the dark period. The patterns of incorporation of 32P into chloroplast and cytoplasmic rRNA species in the cell cycle were similar to those of the actual rRNA synthesis as measured optically. However, the quantity of 32P incorporation per unit amount of rRNA synthesized varied considerably during the cell cycle, increasing in all rRNA's during the dark period. 32P incorporation data obtained from continuous and pulse 32P-labeling experiments also revealed a turnover of a small amount of both cytoplasmic and chloroplast rRNAs at the end of the S phase. The 32P incorporation into cytoplasmic and chloroplast rRNAs was well matched temporally with the 32P incorporation into their corresponding ribosomes, indicating that the newly synthesized rRNA molecules are utilized without delay throughout the cell cycle in the assembly of ribosomes.

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