The distribution of cytochrome b5 in rat liver microsomes, and in two microsomal subfractions isolated by density equilibration in a linear sucrose gradient, was studied under the electron microscope by means of a ferritin-labeled hybrid anti-cytochrome b5/anti-ferritin antibody. Results of this study show that cytochrome b5 is present in essentially all microsomal vesicles derived from endoplasmic reticulum (ER), whether rough or smooth. Thus, the dissociation of ER constituents into two groups (b and c), achieved by subfractionating microsomes by isopycnic centrifugation (Beaufay, H., A. Amar-Costesec, D. Thines-Sempoux, M. Wibo, M. Robbi, and J. Berthet. 1974. J. Cell Biol. 61:213-231), does not reflect the association of each group with distinct microsomal particles but reflects rather an enzymatic heterogeneity of the ER: the ratio of group c to group b enzymes increasing with the density and ribosome load of the particles.

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