Centriole formation was studied after inhibition of protein synthesis for various portions of the cell cycle. Synchronous populations of mitotic L929 (mouse) cells were plated into petri dishes and the course of procentriole formation was monitored by electron microscope analysis. The frequency with which procentrioles were seen in association with mature centrioles normally increased steadily in the interval from 4 to 12 h after mitosis. The formation of procentrioles was abruptly inhibited by the addition of cycloheximide at any time from mitosis until 12 h postmitosis (S phase). This suggested that the formation of procentrioles was dependent upon protein synthesis immediately before their appearance. Prophase-accociated elongation of procentrioles appeared to occur normally in cells treated with cycloheximide for up to 4 h before prophase, though the mitotic index in treated cultures decreased somewhat. Thus, protein synthesis did not appear to be essential for procentriolar elongation to the mature length.

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