The topographical changes of the luminal surface of the endometrium of immature and ovariectomized rats treated with estrogen, antagonists to estrogen, and progesterone. and during various stages of the estrous cycle and in pregnancy were examined by scanning electron microscopy. Massive increases in numbers and length of endometrial cell microvilli were observed at estrus, after injection of estradiol-17beta, diethylstilbestrol, estrogen plus progesterone. or the inhibitor C1628 to immature and ovariectomized rats. Withdrawal of the estrogen stimulus results in diminution of microvilli, producing a state identical to diestrus, during pregnancy, and after injection of progesterone, The estrogen antagonist appears to have both estrogenic and progestogenic properties, stimulating endometrial cell hypertrophy, secretion of protein, and production of numerous apical microvilli.

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