Since Ledbetter and Porter (1964) described the 13 subunits which are visible in cross sections of negatively stained plant microtubules, subsequent observations have generally confirmed this number. By using Mizuhira's fixative composed of tannic acid and glutaraldehyde, it is easyto demonstrate the subunits of microtublules without optical reinforcement Cytoplasmic microtubules and sperm axonemes, fixed with Mizuhira's fixtive, similarly show 13 subunits (Mizuhira's and Futaesaku, 1971, 1972; Futaesaky et al., 1972; Tilney et al., 1973). This paper will describe a particular type of microtubule in insect epidermal cells fixed with the above fixative. The number of the subunits is found to be 15 in tranverse sections.

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