Synchronous cultures of WI-38 were obtained using an automated system for detachment and partitioning of mitotic cells which operates without the use of inhibitors, altered medium, or lowered temperatures. The generation time in synchronous WI-38 is 19.5 h and the duration of S phase when determined from the percentage of labeled metaphase cells or nuclei is 12 h. DNA replication in WI-38 occurs in three temporally distinct and rapid bursts separated by intervals of greatly reduced synthesis within what is nominally described as the DNA synthetic (S) period. Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) displayed maxima in G1 between 2 and 4 h and again at 10 and 16 h. Peaks in LDH activity were coordinated with DNA replication in a fashion similar to that reported for diploid Chinese hamster cells. Oscillations in LDH activity are more pronounced in normal diploid fibroblasts than in established and neoplastic lines.

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