Lipoprotein lipase activity was studied in rat parametrial adipose tissue perfused with chylomicrons and in gelatin blocks containing postheparin plasma and chylomicrons. The tissues and blocks were fixed in glutaraldehyde and incubated in 0.035 M CaCl2-0.1 M Tris medium (pH 8.3) at 38°C. The doubly labeled chylomicron triglycerides (glycerol-3H and palmitate-14C) in the tissues and blocks were hydrolyzed during incubation to free fatty acids (FFA) and the FFA remained in the specimens; hydrolysis was inhibited by 0.004 M diethyl paranitrophenyl phosphate (E-600). Incubated blocks and tissue were treated with 0.05 M Pb(NO3)2, postfixed in OsO4, dehydrated with acetone, embedded in Epon, and examined by electron microscopy. The incubated blocks contained electronlucent areas and granular and laminar precipitates at sites of hydrolysis. Similar precipitates were found in incubated tissue, within vacuoles and microvesicles of capillary endothelium, and in the subendothelial space (between the endothelium and pericytes), but not in the capillary lumen or in or near fat cells. The cytochemical reaction was greatly reduced, in blocks and tissues incubated with E-600. It is concluded that plasma glycerides are hydrolyzed by lipoprotein lipase in capillary endothelial cells and in the subendothelial space of adipose tissue and that glycerides across the endothelial cells within a membrane-bounded system.

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