In this study we have examined the solubility of deoxyribonucleoprotein (DNP) isolated from control and antigen-affected thymocytes. 2-M sodium chloride extracts containing the DNP of rat thymus glands were serially diluted. A comparison was made of the effect of dilution on fiber formation in the control and test series. Fiber formation is usually complete for the control material at a salt concentration between 0.63 and 0.57 M. The test material shows some fiber formation within this range. However, a significant portion of the DNP is precipitated at dilutions of 0.54–0.48 M. Ammoniacal silver (A-S) stains the control fibers a characteristic yellowish color. With the test material, those fibers formed within the control range tended to be stained yellowish brown by A-S, whereas those formed only after greater dilution stained blackish. These data, coupled with our previous observations on altered A-S staining, clearly demonstrate an antigen-induced physical and/or chemical alteration of the histone or histone-DNA complex of lymphoid cell chromatin.

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