Controlled osmotic lysis (water-washing) of rat liver mitochondria results in a mixed population of small vesicles derived mainly from the outer mitochondrial membrane and of larger bodies containing a few cristae derived from the inner membrane. These elements have been separated on Ficoll and sucrose gradients. The small vesicles were rich in monoamine oxidase, and the large bodies were rich in cytochrome oxidase. Separation of the inner and outer membranes has also been accomplished by treating mitochondria with digitonin in an isotonic medium and fractionating the treated mitochondria by differential centrifugation. Treatment with low digitonin concentrations released monoamine oxidase activity from low speed mitochondrial pellets, and this release of enzymatic activity was correlated with the loss of the outer membrane as seen in the electron microscope. The low speed mitochondrial pellet contained most of the cytochrome oxidase and malate dehydrogenase activities of the intact mitochondria, while the monoamine oxidase activity could be recovered in the form of small vesicles by high speed centrifugation of the low speed supernatant. The results indicate that monoamine oxidase is found only in the outer mitochondrial membrane and that cytochrome oxidase is found only in the inner membrane. Digitonin treatment released more monoamine oxidase than cytochrome oxidase from sonic particles, thus indicating that digitonin preferentially degrades the outer mitochondrial membrane.

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