The effect has been studied of Actinomycin D, Daunomycin (Da.), and Da. N acetyl derivative on mitotic activity and on the nucleic acid synthesis of in vitro HeLa cell cultures. The experiments were carried out by means of the radioautographic technique using stripping films. The relative uptake of thymidine-H3 and uridine-H3 was determined by means of the reduced silver grain count present in the nuclei of controls and treated cells. The mitotic activity and thymidine incorporation were noticeably reduced by Daunomycin and Actinomycin, whereas both processes appeared less affected by Da. N acetyl derivative. As regards nuclear RNA synthesis, all three antibiotics at low doses chiefly inhibit nucleolar RNA synthesis. On the other hand, whilst Actinomycin at higher doses causes an almost total inhibition of the synthesis of the whole nuclear RNA, in Daunomycin- and Da. N acetyl derivative-treated cells extranucleolar RNA synthesis is less susceptible to inhibition.

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