Glycerol-extracted rabbit psoas muscle fibers were examined by electron microscopy both before and after ATP-induced isotonic shortening. Ultrastructural changes were correlated with the initial sarcomere length and the degree of shortening. The ultrastructural appearance of the resting fiber at rest length was identical with that described by H. E. Huxley and Hanson. At sarcomere lengths greater than 3.7 to 3.8 µ, the A and I filaments were detached and separated by a gap. The presence of "gap" filaments was confirmed, and evidence is presented which indicates that these filaments form connections between the ends of the A and I filaments. Shortening from initial sarcomere lengths at which the filaments overlapped took place through sliding of the filaments. If shortening was initiated from sarcomere lengths at which there was a gap, a narrowing of the I band was brought about by a curling of the I filaments at the boundary between the A and I bands. No evidence could be found that the I filaments moved into the A band.

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