After publication, an error was noticed in the "Cell spreading is altered by RGD mutations" section of the Results. The error occurred in the first paragraph, and the corrected text appears below.

"To test whether full-length cFNRGE and cFNΔRGD allows α5β1 and αv-class integrin–mediated adhesion maturation and spreading, we plated pKO-αv, pKO-β1, and pKO-αv/β1 fibroblasts in serum replacement medium (SRM) on purified cFN variants and determined cell spreading as well as morphology and distribution of FAs (Fig. 2). At 60 min after seeding, the great majority of pKO-αv (95.8 ± 4.2%), pKO-β1 (93.1 ± 4.6%), and pKO-αv/β1 (98.0 ± 2.0%) fibroblasts spread on cFNRGD; a slightly lower percentage of pKO-αv (85.0 ± 5.6%) and pKO-αv/β1 fibroblasts (79.6 ± 7.9%) spread on cFNRGE; and a neglectable percentage of pKO-β1 fibroblasts spread on cFNRGE. On cFNΔRGD, the numbers of spread pKO-αv and pKO-αv/β1 fibroblasts dropped to 22.2 ± 15% and 10.4 ± 7.0%, respectively, and of pKO-β1 fibroblasts to <1% (Fig. 2 a). Moreover, pKO-αv fibroblasts covered less spreading area than pKO-β1 or pKO-αv/β1 fibroblasts on cFNRGD (744 ± 92 µm2 versus 897 ± 72 µm2, P = 0.022; and 906 ± 72 µm2, P = 0.018), similar to pKO-αv (583 ± 42 µm2) and pKO-αv/β1 fibroblasts (514 ± 49 µm2) on cFNRGE. The few adherent pKO-β1 fibroblasts covered a reduced area of 419 ± 36 µm2 (P < 0.05 compared to pKO-αv cells) on cFNRGE. In Fig. 2 b, statistical calculations change the significance of pKO-β1 compared to pKO-αv fibroblasts on cFNRGE cells from P < 0.001 to P < 0.05. On cFNΔRGD, the adherent pKO-αv, pKO-β1, and pKO-αv/β1 fibroblasts covered significantly smaller spreading areas (253 ± 42 µm2, 136 ± 8 µm2, and 227 ± 27 µm2, respectively) when compared with the same cell lines seeded on cFNRGD (Fig. 2 b)."

The P values in Fig. 2 b have been adjusted accordingly, and the corrected figure panel is shown here. This change does not alter the conclusions of the manuscript. This error appears only in print and in PDF versions downloaded on or before December 11, 2020.

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