The replication time and pattern have been investigated in hepatoma cells induced by feeding 3'Me-DAB to male rats for 5 months. With the use of tritiated thymidine as a DNA label along with autoradiography, mitotic nuclear labeling has been studied 0.5 to 72 hours after the administration of the label. The following time intervals have been estimated: replication time, 31 hours; DNA synthesis, 17 hours; G2 plus Mitosis, 2 hours; G1, 12 hours. Only about 8 per cent of the tumor cell (interphase) population is "flash" labeled, following a single dose of 50 µC of H3TDR. This group of cells has been followed through three cycles of division. The repeated rhythmic passage of tumor cells through cell division is similar to that previously reported for normal liver cells in the growing rat. However, tumor cells have longer replication and DNA synthesis times. In addition, the several time intervals studied vary more in the tumor cell population than they do in the growing normal cell population.

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