The zonal ultracentrifuge was used to separate the subcellular components of rat liver brei into soluble phase, microsomal, mitochondrial, membranous fragments, and nuclear fractions during a single centrifugation. The centrifuge was run at 10,000 to 30,000 RPM for 15 to 240 minutes, and the rotor contained a 1200 ml sucrose gradient, varying linearly with radius from 17 to 55 per cent sucrose with a "cushion" of 66 per cent sucrose at the rotor edge. The distribution of the mitochondria was determined using cytochrome oxidase as the marker enzyme. An automated assay system for cytochrome oxidase was developed utilizing reduced cytochrome c as substrate, modules of the Technicon Autoanalyzer, and the Beckman DB Spectrophotometer. All of the cytochrome oxidase activity was restricted to a single peak in the gradient, and no activity could be detected in the zones occupied by the microsomes and nuclei. The mitochondrial fraction was isolated from rat liver brei in 0.25 M sucrose by differential centrifugation, and then run in the zonal ultracentrifuge.This fraction behaved in the zonal ultracentrifuge in the same way as mitochondria separated directly from intact brei. Observations of the isolated fractions in the phase contrast microscope indicated that a wide variety of granules was present in the mitochondrial zone in addition to the true mitochondria. Under the conditions employed, the mitochondria were sedimented essentially to their isopycnic position in the gradient at approximately 43.8 per cent sucrose, density 1.20 gm/cc.

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