Vol. 200 No. 4, February 18, 2013. Pages 367–371.

The authors have noted that a statement in their Comment incorrectly identified Toxoplasma gondii rather than Leishmania as a source of exosomes. The revised sentence appears below. The authors thank Judith Maxwell Silverman, PhD, for bringing this error to their attention.

Although most studies have used mammalian cells as the source of exosomes, nonmammalian cells, including pathogenic parasites such as Leishmania, can secrete exosomes, and pathogen-derived exosomes may regulate host defense and immune responses (Silverman et al., 2010).

Silverman, J.M., J. Clos, E. Horakova, A.Y. Wang, M. Wiesgigl, I. Kelly, M.A. Lynn, W.R. McMaster, L.J. Foster, M.K. Levings, and N.E. Reiner. 2010. Leishmania exosomes modulate innate and adaptive immune responses through effects on monocytes and dendritic cells. J. Immunol. 185:5011–5022. http://dx.doi.org/10.4049/jimmunol.1000541

The html and pdf versions of this Comment have been corrected. The error only remains in the print version.