RNA containing yolk nuclei from the surf clam Spisula solidissima have been studied with the light microscope and with the electron microscope. A variety of structures can be seen with both and a correlation can be made between bodies studied with the electron microscope and those studied with the light microscope. The electron microscope shows many of these structures to be composed of double walled lamellae arranged in space, in various ways. The variety of patterns seen with the electron microscope can be satisfactorily explained on the basis of a hypothetical model. The presence of yolk platelets within the yolk nuclei lends support to classical observations on the synthesis of yolk within yolk nuclei or yolk nuclei derivatives. Small granules (about 100 A) are included within the double walled lamellae and their presence probably accounts for the basophilic nature of the entire body. The presence of small granules attached to electron-dense layers relates the yolk nuclei described here to ergastoplasm discussed by others.

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