Neural cell adhesion molecules of the immunoglobulin/fibronectin type III family on axons have been implicated in promotion of neurite outgrowth, fasciculation, and the mediation of specific cell adhesion. The present study demonstrates that two of these molecules on dorsal root ganglion neurons are associated with distinct protein kinases, axonin-1 with the src-related nonreceptor tyrosine kinase fyn and NgCAM with a casein kinase II-related activity and a serine/ threonine kinase related to S6 kinase. When neurites grew without contacts involving axonin-1 and NgCAM, strong fyn kinase activity was associated with axonin-1, whereas the NgCAM-associated kinase activities were low. Clustering of axonin-1 with NgCAM induced by the formation of cell-cell contacts correlated with a reduction of the axonin-1-associated fyn activity and an increased phosphorylation of NgCAM by the associated casein kinase II-related activity. Thus, axonin-1 and NgCAM trigger distinctive intracellular signals during in vitro differentiation depending on their state of association.

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