We analyzed the role of Fyn tyrosine kinase in cell cycle progression of B lymphocyte progenitor (pro B cell). Whereas there were no substantial defects in the intramarrow B cell genesis in the fyn(-) mouse, and long-term proliferation of fyn(-) pro B cells was maintained in vitro under a serum containing culture condition, the cell cycle was arrested at G2/M upon serum deprivation. Morphological analyses demonstrated that the cytokinesis of fyn(-) pro B cells was retarded in the presence of serum and that the entry of fyn(-) pro B cells into late telophase was completely blocked under the serum-free condition. In contrast, the earlier phases of mitosis of fyn(-) pro B cells proceeded normally without FCS. This failure to initiate late telophase resulted in the accumulation of elliptical binucleated cells that might be the outcome of the nuclear division without cytokinesis. Consistent with this defect in the progression of cytokinesis, Fyn was localized in the midspace of dividing pro B cells at anaphase. These results suggested that Fyn localizes at the midspace of dividing pro B cells and regulates the progression of cytokinesis.

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