We provide indirect evidence that six axonemal proteins here referred to as "dynein regulatory complex" (drc) are located in close proximity with the inner dynein arms I2 and I3. Subsets of drc subunits are missing from five second-site suppressors, pf2, pf3, suppf3, suppf4, and suppf5, that restore flagellar motility but not radial spoke structure of radial spoke mutants. The absence of drc components is correlated with a deficiency of all four heavy chains of inner arms I2 and I3 from axonemes of suppressors pf2, pf3, suppf3, and suppf5. Similarly, inner arm subunits actin, p28, and caltractin/centrin, or subsets of them, are deficient in pf2, pf3, and suppf5. Recombinant strains carrying one of the mutations pf2, pf3, or suppf5 and the inner arm mutation ida4 are more defective for I2 inner arm heavy chains than the parent strains. This evidence indicates that at least one subunit of the drc affects the assembly of and interacts with the inner arms I2.

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