Phagosomes were purified from human neutrophils ingesting Salmonella typhimurium opsonized with adsorbed normal human serum or with rabbit IgG. Constituents within the phagosome were endogenously labeled by supplying the cells with 125INa during phagocytosis. Lactoferrin and vitamin B12 binding protein (TC1 and TC3), markers for specific granules, were present in the phagosomes from neutrophils ingesting S. typhimurium opsonized with IgG but were 3.5- to 5-fold less prominent in phagosomes from cells phagocytosing Salmonella bearing C3 fragments only. In contrast, iodinated azurophilic granule components, most prominently defensins, were the major constituents in phagosomes prepared under both opsonization conditions. Furthermore, labeled complement (CR1 and CR3) and immunoglobulin (Fc gamma RIII) receptors were incorporated in the phagosome regardless of the ligand mediating phagocytosis. These results suggest that the ligand-receptor interactions mediating phagocytosis influence incorporation of neutrophil-specific granule contents into phagosomes.

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