Renal cells contain two corticosteroid-binding entities defined on the basis of hormone-binding selectivity as type I (mineralocorticoid) and type II (glucocorticoid). The mineralocorticoid, aldosterone can bind to both type I and type II receptors. This poses problems in defining the characteristics of a true mineralocorticoid regulated expression of specific genes. We have used chimaeric constructs bearing the mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) promoter to study aldosterone action in the feline renal cell line CRFK. We have shown that in these cells aldosterone induces MMTV transcription through its own receptor (type I). This induction of MMTV transcription by aldosterone is a primary response to the hormone. We have shown that the DNA sequences that mediate the aldosterone response overlap the hormone response element (HRE) required for the glucocorticoid, progestin, and androgen induction of transcription at the MMTV long terminal repeat region. Thus the aldosterone regulation of MMTV long terminal repeat transcription is identical to the mode of action of the other steroid hormones at this promoter.

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