cDNA clones containing sequences coding for the murine neural cell adhesion molecule (N-CAM) were used in Southern hybridizations on human genomic DNA and demonstrated approximately 90% homology between human and murine NCAM genes. In situ hybridization with one of these clones was performed on human metaphase chromosomes and allowed the localization of the human NCAM gene to band q23 of chromosome 11. The genes for two other cell surface molecules believed to be involved in cell-cell interactions, Thy-1 and the delta chain of the T3-T cell receptor complex, have recently been localized to the same region of chromosome 11 in man. Moreover, this region of the human chromosome 11 appears to be syntenic to a region of murine chromosome 9 that also contains the staggerer locus: staggerer mice show abnormal neurological features which may be related to abnormalities in the conversion of the embryonic to the adult forms of the N-CAM molecule.

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