The monoclonal antibody 5G10 reacted specifically with an 80-kD integral membrane protein in rat basophilic leukemia (RBL) cells. Immunofluorescence microscopy studies of RBL cells, fixed and permeabilized, revealed that the 80-kD protein was located in the membrane of cytoplasmic vesicles. The vesicles were identified as secretory granules by their content in immunoreactive serotonin. Expression of the 5G10 antigen on the surface of unstimulated RBL cells was low. However, RBL cells stimulated to secrete with anti-dinitrophenyl IgE followed by dinitrophenyl-bovine serum albumin or with the Ca2+ ionophore A-23187 displayed an increased expression of the antigen on their surface. Surface exposure of the 5G10 antigen was maximal at 5 min after stimulation of secretion. Removal of dinitrophenyl-bovine serum albumin from the incubation medium resulted in internalization of 50% of the antigen within 10 min.

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