A growth regulatory factor, which reversibly inhibits DNA synthesis and proliferation of fibroblasts, has been isolated from medium conditioned by exposure to density-inhibited mouse 3T3 cells. This factor, termed FGR-s (13K), yielded a single polypeptide (Mr 13,000) when analyzed by SDS PAGE under both reducing and nonreducing conditions. The dose-response curve of growth inhibition by FGR-s (13K) showed that 50% inhibition of 3T3 cell proliferation was achieved at a concentration of approximately 3 ng/ml, corresponding to approximately 0.23 nM. The activity of FGR-s (13K) was depleted by passing the material over an affinity column containing the monoclonal antibody 2A4; this monoclonal antibody had been previously characterized to bind to the Mr 13,000 polypeptide. These results indicate that we have purified a growth regulatory factor that acts to inhibit the proliferation of cells in an autocrine pathway.

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