The lipides of the diverticula of Asterias forbesi have been studied by histochemical and biochemical means.

Correlations between results obtained by histochemical examination of sections, and chemical analysis of isolated lipide have been made, particularly with respect to phosphatides, steroids, and aldehyde lipides.

The results of the histochemical study were in good agreement with the chemical data as to the nature of the phosphatide fraction, the presence of acetone-soluble aldehyde lipides, and the composition of the free droplet fat.

Homogenized diverticula were differentially centrifuged in order to establish the distribution of types of lipides in the various cellular components.

In addition, data have been presented which demonstrate a direct correlation between the titer of α-glycerol ethers and that of acetone-soluble lipide acetals in the unsaponifiable fraction.

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