Rsp5, the Nedd4 family member in yeast, is an E3 ubiquitin ligase involved in numerous cellular processes, many of which require Rsp5 to interact with PY-motif containing adaptor proteins. Here, we show that two paralogous transmembrane Rsp5 adaptors, Rcr1 and Rcr2, are sorted to distinct cellular locations: Rcr1 is a plasma membrane (PM) protein, whereas Rcr2 is sorted to the vacuole. Rcr2 is delivered to the vacuole using ubiquitin as a sorting signal. Rcr1 is delivered to the PM by the exomer complex using a newly uncovered PM sorting motif. Further, we show that Rcr1, but not Rcr2, is up-regulated via the calcineurin/Crz1 signaling pathway. Upon exogenous calcium treatment, Rcr1 ubiquitinates and down-regulates the chitin synthase Chs3. We propose that the PM-anchored Rsp5/Rcr1 ubiquitin ligase-adaptor complex can provide an acute response to degrade unwanted proteins under stress conditions, thereby maintaining cell integrity.

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