Centrosome duplication occurs under strict spatiotemporal regulation once per cell cycle, and it begins with cartwheel assembly and daughter centriole biogenesis at the lateral sites of the mother centrioles. However, although much of this process is understood, how centrosome duplication is initiated remains unclear. Here, we show that cartwheel assembly followed by daughter centriole biogenesis is initiated on the NEDD1-containing layer of the pericentriolar material (PCM) by the recruitment of SAS-6 to the mother centriole under the regulation of PLK4. We found that PLK4-mediated phosphorylation of NEDD1 at its S325 amino acid residue directly promotes both NEDD1 binding to SAS-6 and recruiting SAS-6 to the centrosome. Overexpression of phosphomimicking NEDD1 mutant S325E promoted cartwheel assembly and daughter centriole biogenesis initiations, whereas overexpression of nonphosphorylatable NEDD1 mutant S325A abolished the initiations. Collectively, our results demonstrate that PLK4-regulated NEDD1 facilitates initiation of the cartwheel assembly and of daughter centriole biogenesis in mammals.

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