The tumor cell–selective killing activity of the adenovirus type 2 early region 4 ORF4 (E4orf4) protein is poorly defined at the molecular level. Here, we show that the tumoricidal effect of E4orf4 is typified by changes in nuclear dynamics that depend on its interaction with the polarity protein Par3 and actomyosin contractility. Mechanistically, E4orf4 induced a high incidence of nuclear bleb formation and repetitive nuclear ruptures, which promoted nuclear efflux of E4orf4 and loss of nuclear integrity. This process was regulated by nucleocytoskeletal connections, Par3 clustering proximal to nuclear lamina folds, and retrograde movement of actin bundles that correlated with nuclear ruptures. Significantly, Par3 also regulated the incidence of spontaneous nuclear ruptures facilitated by the downmodulation of lamins. This work uncovered a novel role for Par3 in controlling the actin-dependent forces acting on the nuclear envelope to remodel nuclear shape, which might be a defining feature of tumor cells that is harnessed by E4orf4.

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