The ADP-ribosylation factor 6 (Arf6) is a small GTPase that regulates endocytic recycling processes in concert with various effectors. Arf6 controls cytoskeletal organization and membrane trafficking; however, the detailed mechanisms of regulation remain poorly understood. Here, we report that Arf6 forms a complex with RhoB. The interaction between RhoB and Arf6 is mediated by the GCI (glycine, cysteine, and isoleucine) residues (188–190) of RhoB. Specific targeting of Arf6 to plasma membrane or mitochondrial membranes promotes recruitment and colocalization of RhoB to these membrane microdomains. Arf6 depletion promotes the loss of RhoB from endosomal membranes and leads to RhoB degradation through an endolysosomal pathway. This results in defective actin and focal adhesion dynamics and increased 3D cell migration upon activation of the Met receptor tyrosine kinase. Our findings identify a novel regulatory mechanism for RhoB localization and stability by Arf6 and establish the strict requirement of Arf6 for RhoB-specific subcellular targeting to endosomes and biological functions.

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