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Cancer Cell Biology 2022

A collection with new insight into the regulation of cancer stem cell metabolism, tumor formation, cell invasion, and metastasis, as well as work elucidating the link between CENP-A levels, chromosomal instability and karyotypic heterogeneity, and tumor aggressiveness. From mechanistic analyses to advances in modulating therapeutic targets, we hope that this collection is interesting and informative for all cancer researchers.

In addition, we are pleased to present a special magazine that contains brief summaries of some of the research articles from this collection, including insights from the authors, and cancer research published in our fellow Rockefeller University Press journal, the Journal of Experimental Medicine. Download the special collection PDF here.

We hope that you enjoy our editors' selections and welcome your feedback via Twitter. To learn more about JCB and to submit your research, please visit our Instructions for Authors or contact the editorial office. Sign up to receive future special collections here.

 Image © 2021 Le et al.

Special Collection Image
Nicolas Rabas; Sarah Palmer; Louise Mitchell; Shehab Ismail; Andrea Gohlke; Joel S. Riley; Stephen W.G. Tait; Payam Gammage; Leandro Lemgruber Soares; Iain R. Macpherson; Jim C. Norman
Leslie A. Sepaniac; Whitney Martin; Louise A. Dionne; Timothy M. Stearns; Laura G. Reinholdt; Jason Stumpff
Gabrielle Larocque; Daniel J. Moore; Méghane Sittewelle; Cansu Kuey; Joseph H.R. Hetmanski; Penelope J. La-Borde; Beverley J. Wilson; Nicholas I. Clarke; Patrick T. Caswell; Stephen J. Royle
Anh Hoang Le; Tamas Yelland; Nikki R. Paul; Loic Fort; Savvas Nikolaou; Shehab Ismail; Laura M. Machesky
Jonathan R. Whitfield; Laura Soucek
Ioanna Pitsidianaki; Jason Morgan; Jamie Adams; Kyra Campbell
Jennifer C. Erasmus; Kasia Smolarczyk; Helena Brezovjakova; Noor F. Mohd-Naim; Encarnación Lozano; Karl Matter; Vania M.M. Braga
Chiara Tordonato; Matteo Jacopo Marzi; Giovanni Giangreco; Stefano Freddi; Paola Bonetti; Daniela Tosoni; Pier Paolo Di Fiore; Francesco Nicassio
Roshan L. Shrestha; Austin Rossi; Darawalee Wangsa; Ann K. Hogan; Kimberly S. Zaldana; Evelyn Suva; Yang Jo Chung; Chelsea L. Sanders; Simone Difilippantonio; Tatiana S. Karpova; Baktiar Karim; Daniel R. Foltz; Daniele Fachinetti; Peter D. Aplan; Thomas Ried; Munira A. Basrai
Gopinath Kulasekaran; Mathilde Chaineau; Valerio Emilio Crescenzo Piscopo; Federica Verginelli; Maryam Fotouhi; Martine Girard; Yeman Tang; Rola Dali; Rita Lo; Stefano Stifani; Peter S. McPherson
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