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The Year in Cell Biology: 2019

A collection of exciting research published over the past year in the Journal of Cell Biology (JCB). Our goal with this collection is to feature papers from across the breadth of cell biology and to highlight the articles that most captured the attention and interest of our readers. We therefore considered the number of times full articles were downloaded in the first three months after their initial publication when making our final selection. With this collection, we wish to convey the range of studies JCB publishes on the different “building blocks of the cell,” a theme captured in the cover image by artist Emilie Clark. This theme also represents JCB’s continued efforts to publish the most solid and reliable cell biology work, in keeping with this year’s Nobel Prize winner William G. Kaelin Jr.’s call to scientists to “publish houses of brick, not mansions of straw.” Attesting to the breadth and diversity of our community, the topics range from nanoscale imaging of the structural foundations of the ER to new methods for high throughput ultrastructural imaging. We present articles revealing how autophagy, the cellular process for interior demolition and waste clearance, removes damaged axonal mitochondria but can be hijacked by herpes viruses seeking to break through the wall of lamins supporting the nuclear envelope.

Our hope is that this collection offers something for everyone. We are grateful to our reviewers who volunteer their time and energy throughout the year, and to you, our readers. In particular, we thank our authors. It is our privilege to publish all of the papers you see in the pages of JCB. We thank you for continuing to submit your very best work to us. We hope you enjoy reading the collection.

If you are attending the ASCB|EMBO 2019 meeting in Washington, D.C., visit Booth #734 to meet the journal’s editors and learn more about publishing in JCB.

Special Collection Image
Yury S. Bykov; Nir Cohen; Natalia Gabrielli; Hetty Manenschijn; Sonja Welsch; Petr Chlanda; Wanda Kukulski; Kiran R. Patil; Maya Schuldiner; John A.G. Briggs
Dawid G. Nowak; Ksenya Cohen Katsenelson; Kaitlin E. Watrud; Muhan Chen; Grinu Mathew; Vincent D. D’Andrea; Matthew F. Lee; Manojit Mosur Swamynathan; Irene Casanova-Salas; Megan C. Jibilian; Caroline L. Buckholtz; Alexandra J. Ambrico; Chun-Hao Pan; John E. Wilkinson; Alexandra C. Newton; Lloyd C. Trotman
Yanrong Zheng; Xiangnan Zhang; Xiaoli Wu; Lei Jiang; Anil Ahsan; Shijia Ma; Ziyu Xiao; Feng Han; Zheng-Hong Qin; Weiwei Hu; Zhong Chen
Delphine Judith; Harold B.J. Jefferies; Stefan Boeing; David Frith; Ambrosius P. Snijders; Sharon A. Tooze
Mariavittoria Pizzinga; Christian Bates; Jennifer Lui; Gabriella Forte; Fabián Morales-Polanco; Emma Linney; Barbora Knotkova; Beverley Wilson; Clara A. Solari; Luke E. Berchowitz; Paula Portela; Mark P. Ashe
Ryosuke Nagashima; Kayo Hibino; S.S. Ashwin; Michael Babokhov; Shin Fujishiro; Ryosuke Imai; Tadasu Nozaki; Sachiko Tamura; Tomomi Tani; Hiroshi Kimura; Michael Shribak; Masato T. Kanemaki; Masaki Sasai; Kazuhiro Maeshima
Devon E. Mason; Joseph M. Collins; James H. Dawahare; Trung Dung Nguyen; Yang Lin; Sherry L. Voytik-Harbin; Pinar Zorlutuna; Mervin C. Yoder; Joel D. Boerckel
Aykut Turan; Linda Grosche; Adalbert Krawczyk; Petra Mühl-Zürbes; Christina Drassner; Alexandra Düthorn; Mirko Kummer; Mike Hasenberg; Sylvia Voortmann; Holger Jastrow; Jan Dörrie; Niels Schaft; Max Kraner; Katinka Döhner; Beate Sodeik; Alexander Steinkasserer; Christiane Silke Heilingloh
Lena K. Schroeder; Andrew E.S. Barentine; Holly Merta; Sarah Schweighofer; Yongdeng Zhang; David Baddeley; Joerg Bewersdorf; Shirin Bahmanyar
Nathaniel Noblett; Zilu Wu; Zhao Hua Ding; Seungmee Park; Tony Roenspies; Stephane Flibotte; Andrew D. Chisholm; Yishi Jin; Antonio Colavita
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